A collection of inspriration

My mind is all over the map today.  I had planned to finish my post from yesterday and continue on with the list but I had one of those mornings where I started in on one of my favorite daily blogs and found myself tab-clicking into a million different directions.  As I started to look through the various tabs I’d opened for later, I began to draw inspiration and ideas from every single one.  I don’t feel centered enough to commit to just one and explore it in any true depth, so today I offer a collection of thoughts, quotes and ideas that mattered to me today.

I just ordered Oprah’s book What I Know For Sure.   First off,  I am an unabashed Oprah disciple and believe her to be one of my primary life gurus.  And second, I think this would be such a neat way to reflect every night – today, at this moment in time, what do I know for sure?  Maybe that’s phase two of this project.

“Pleasure is just energy reciprocated”.  Energy, always back to energy.

“Romantic love is not the only love worth seeking. I’ve met so many people longing to be in love with somebody, to be rescued from their daily lives and swept into romantic bliss, when all around there are children, neighbors, friends, and strangers also yearning for someone to connect with. Look around and notice—possibility is everywhere.”

“When you want something, the whole universe conspires to help you.”

Something about this article really spoke to me today.  Reminds me of people I know and parts of it remind me of who I used to be and sometimes still am.  I found the most insightful piece to be the idea of not trying to be too attractive to too many people.  Being a more polarizing person leads you to the people that REALLY dig you because they get you.

17 things boys need from their moms  I read this before Bubba was born and just re-read it.  The quote on Beauty is a constant talk-track through my mind every time my boy and I are playing/gazing/lazing.  “To appreciate beauty, real beauty – don’t put yourself down in front of him. He will learn to see you like you see you. He will, at some point, think you are the most beautiful woman in the world. Let him. Don’t tell him he’s wrong.”  I love that, especially on the days when we are playing in the mirror and I’m thinking to myself “oh man Bubba, I’m sorry that your mom looks like this!!”.   But to him, I am the most beautiful woman in the world.

I would really like this for Christmas.  It combines all things I love:  family, food, traditions and the specific details intimate to your family that shape your childhood.





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