We had dinner with friends on Wednesday and a story was told that I can’t quite get out of my head.   I’m hoping maybe writing it down will help me release some of it…because I’m pretty wound up about it.

A guy I’ve never met died a few weeks ago.  I used to take Dailey classes from his wife but I didn’t know her and I never met him.  He and his wife were on an around the world trip and ~8 months in, decided to climb Kilimanjaro.  He died in a random rock slide, blunt trauma by a rogue boulder.  She was fine.  He was 33.

It’s a sad story by all accounts, but what has made it so impactful to me is the back story.   This guy had a corporate job at a Fortune 50 company and quit it all years ago to start Live Your Legend, a company dedicated to helping people figure out what they love and how to make a living doing just that.  Had I found this site a year ago, I would have become their number one groupie.  It so closely mirrors the journey I took over the last year, it somehow has gotten inside of me and I can’t block it out.

On Thursday, after hearing this story, I got obsessed.  I started reading his blog.   Her blog.  Stalked their instagrams, finding hundreds of pictures of travel and inspiration and two good looking 30 year olds with the whole world at their fingertips.  And now she’s alone, weighted under tragedy and coming home to a completely different world than the one she left.  It’s too hard to even wrap my head around.  They were off, living their passion and exploring the world like I have thought to do so many times, and now… well it’s too much.

I don’t really even know what I want to say about the whole thing.  There isn’t much to say and I’ve really got to let it go and rest on all I’ve learned to accept through my discovery about purpose and living the life we were meant to live and acceptance about our path.  But here is his last blog post…that is what has shaken me up the most.   It’s full of such wisdom and grand advice – advice my husband and I should take to heart.  Advice I could see writing about on this very blog.  His comments about almost canceling the trip are haunting.  But what gets me the most is the reader’s comment at the bottom.

Scott – I can’t help but think there was some meaning to this being your last post. Going off the grid. Did your soul achieve that which it came here for? Was it your time to go off the earthly grid and return home so your soul could recharge and inspire other souls on the other side? You are on your way to your next adventure. I didn’t get to meet you here. I hope one day I get to meet you over there.

Thank you for living your legend and showing us all how to live our own.

My heart and prayers go out to Chelsea and your family.

I had a friend that passed away when I was 30 – it was my first friend to die.  And what came out about him after he passed was how spiritually awakened he was.  And how full of goodness.  And wisdom.  And I always walked away from that moment in time thinking… maybe that was his purpose.  To awaken all of us.   That moment in time that shifted all of us that knew him onto a bigger and better path because we wanted to carry on his spirit.  A path that focused on LoVE.   A path that not 3 months later allowed me to find my love and be open and brave enough to embrace it.

It’s hard to think that any tragedy can be a good thing.  And I am quite sure that this man’s wife isn’t seeing the good in anything right now.  How could he finally find his purpose and figure it all out and then have that be it?

I don’t know.  It all makes me too sad and feels too close.

I need to let it go.


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